5 Cool URL Shorteners

URL Shorteners are a pretty cool tool, and there are so many of them. You probably know https://goo.gl and https://bit.ly, but here are some cool ones you’ve probably never heard of:

1. https://is.gd and https://v.gd

These are great partner URL shorteners. They have very short URLs (only 4-5 character domain names), and they enable custom URLs, like https://is.gd/google. They both agree to never use third-party advertisements, and they both have simple APIs that don’t require authentication. The only downside is that with v.gd (but not is.gd), a warning is display before visiting URLs. I also discovered this cool feature today: If you visit https://is.gd/google, you are redirected to https://google.com/#hi. This great for single-page web apps, so you can shorten hash links!

Best option if: You are making a single-page web app or you want good free features

2. https://bit.do

This is a simple URL shortener. It allows custom URLs and has detailed realtime statistics. They promise that links will never expire, and there is code that prevents hard-to-read URLs (Is https://bit.do/0I https://bit.do/Ol or https://bit.do/0I).

Best option if: You want a simple shorter with good features

3. https://tickurl.com/

Although you need an account to use, tickurl.com has lots of free features! You can target your URLs to different locations, password-protect your URLs, and create a custom alias (whatever that is). It has more analytics than most shorteners, including the country the user was in. It is a new shortener, with only 269 URLs shortened (at the time of writing).

Best option if: You need to track location

4. https://goo.by/

This is pretty much an account-less version of tickurl.com. It also has an API. However, the site has ads, unlike tickurl.com, which makes me worry the URLs have ads too…

Best option if: You don’t want and account and you don’t mind ads

5. https://t2m.io/

This is a another simple URL shortener. Although it has paid plans, no account or price is required to shorten URLs. They promise no advertisements. Although it doesn’t have as many free features as is.gd or v.gd, it is helpful if you want a URL shortener that does what URL shorteners are meant too.

Best option if: You want a shortener that does what a URL shortener is meant to do

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Written on December 31, 2017

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