Hello, I'm kyleplo.

I'm a teen programmer who makes random stuff on the Internet.


My Jam

A tool for generating a summary of any Spotify playlist, with short clips from each song.

Oh My Words

An advanced word and sentence counter with other writing tools.


A simple schedule app for the Bangle.js hackable smart watch.

Infinite Spelling Bee

A free infinite version of the New York Times Spelling Bee game.


Online reader for eBooks from Project Gutenberg.

Sniper Ducks

An Hour of Code-style coding game with warring ducks.

Scratch Highscore History

Who used to have the highscore in a Scratch project?

About Me

I'm a teen who has fun programming when I'm not at school or doing homework.

I know:

More recently, I've been getting into programming hardware. I prefer using CircuitPython or Espruino, but I don't mind Arduino.


I first started programming using MIT's Scratch. Although I don't really use it anymore, all of my projects are still there on my profile. Some of my more notable projects include Space Station Survival, Jumpy Window, and Bus Driving Simulator. Scratch was also the first place I used the moniker kyleplo.


As well as programming, I also enjoy video games in my spare time, primarily Minecraft. I'm a member of WhisperCraft, Youtuber silentwisperer's public fan server.

I've also gotten into making Minecraft add-ons under the moniker Llama Studios. You can download them for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on the Llama Studios website. Some of them are outdated and won't work with the current version of Minecraft.