Testing search link

Recently, on the Scratch forums, many users seem to put a random Google search link in their signature. Because Google crawls the Scratch forums, all posts with this set of characters.

Today, I put a random link in my siggy. But I’m doing a bit more than some other people. The link will also appear in my other online posts, including on this website (at the bottom of every post). It may take months to start working, due to Google’s crawl speed, but it will be cool when it is done.

If you want to do this, it’s very easy:

  1. Click “change your signature” at the bottom of the forum home.
  2. Type [url=google.com/search?q=PUT STUFF HERE]PUT STUFF HERE[/url]
  3. Replace “put stuff here” with anything you want!
Written on October 9, 2017

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