My opinion of Scratch 3.0

As you may know, Scratch 3.0 came out on Wednesday! Yay! Or not. I’ve never actually met someone who really loves Scratch 3.0. I was excited for it, but it could really use some more work.

1. Fix the loading bugs now!!

I’ve seen several Scratchers whose projects don’t load the blocks! In two videos, someone reported they’ve been working on a project for months, and now they can’t work on it because there are no blocks! The project runs fine, but they can’t edit it! This is crazy.

2. The blocks are WAY TOO BIG!!

I know they want it to be more mobile friendly, but I tried Scratch out on my iPad Pro this morning, and IT WAS TERRIBLE!! Whenever I tried to move a point in the vector editor, it thought I wanted to make a new point. I got so frustrated, I threw the iPad down, and switched to the desktop. Point is, the Scratch editor will never be good on mobile. At the very least, please make there be an option to shrink the blocks.

3. Move the stage back

This isn’t a big problem for me, but I know a lot of other Scratchers who are extremely mad about this. I’m afraid Scratch will remove a lot of good users by making this change. It’s really not that hard to change back (just make a userscript and change the flex order to 2 on the block editor), but not everyone knows that.

4. Stop the Lag!

Scratch 3.0, maybe it should be called Snail 3.0. It’s really slow. In this video, the account nav takes so long to load, the user thinks their account is gone. And in several projects (I had one, but I lost the link), Scratch 3.0 slows it down enough to be unusable, even in turbo mode.

5. Switch the colors of Control and Events

This isn’t that big of a topic in the community, but this is my personal opinion. In Scratch 3.0, the events category is #ffd500, a yellow-orange color, and the control category is #ffab19 a weird orange-brown thing. In Scratch 2.0, events is #ca8135, a brown color, and control is #e4a826, a yellow. Point is, they flipped the colors! This is so confusing!

Other’s Opinions

At the Coding Club at my school, I put up a poll about Scratch 3.0. Here are some results:

it’s the trashiest thing since fortnite, its new layout is terrible -@FlamerX5

I am not a big fan, everything is hidden in all these folders and I can’t find one of my favorite side views of a penguin 🐧.

I’m getting tripped up with the new layout, and there are some things that I found out you can’t do anymore, but otherwise it is pretty good. -@77757775

I do not like scratch 3.0, It has so many new features that are hard to get used to and next time use the same concept as 2.0 but just has more easily controllable features.

As you can see, only @77757775 even sort-of-likes Scratch 3.0.


Scratch 3.0 started as a good idea. And some parts are still good, like the new extensions, the new art and sound effects, not needing Adobe Crash Player and mobile support. But there are still some serious problems. I know the Scratch Team was rushing to finish, because they postponed it for over a year. But since Flash isn’t gone until 2020, they still have another year before they absolutely have to release it. I think they should have taken advantage of that.

Oh, and try out my new userscript to fix some of these problems.

Written on January 5, 2019

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