Introducing Simple Themes!

If you’ve been around my profile lately, you might have seen I created a new Github orginization, @simple-themes. I’m planning to make lots of themes for Jekyll, and soon I plan on changing this website to use one of the themes. Here are some of the currents themes:

  • blank (finished) Try it!
  • splash (finished) Try it!
  • intro (in development)
  • checkers (not started)
  • galaxy (not started)
  • And many more, that don’t have names yet…

I also might make a visual Jekyll site builder if I feel like it.

All of these themes will use Github’s special remote-theme key for the _config.yml file, so by plunking that into your config and adding a few more files, your site will be up and running in no time.

Design for planned themes:

Theme Name Description Features Design
blank A basic theme for both professional and personal websites tags, comments, pages, search navbar, no header
splash A good theme for small sites, looks good even without posts image bg, search, pages image background with basic text, modal search
intro A theme that introduces you or your product as you scroll down tags, comments, pages, image bg, search, featured images header with image, navbar, flexbox-type sections
checkers A sidebar-type theme with black and white tags, comments, search, archives sidebar, b&w, complex archive system
galaxy A super-scroll theme with everything on one page image bg, pages, search similar to splash theme, but has fixed background and content scrolls
Written on October 8, 2018

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