Cool API Ideas

The new progressive web app ideas that browser developers have are pretty cool. But I think there are a few APIs that the web would be way cooler with.

1. Spellcheck API

This API would let developers modify the list of spellcheck words on that website. These change would be on that website ONLY, unless the user accepted a permission that lets the website change the whole list.


// Those words are all words Chrome thinks I misspelled
spellcheck.suggest({"space bar":"spacebar"});
// This would let you suggest a correct word for a wrong word
window.addEventListener("misspell",function (e){
   alert("You spelled " + e.word + " wrong!");

2. Screenshot API

You could use this API to take screenshots and screencasts of a webpage. This would work like the camera API.


navigator.requestScreenShot().then(function (stream){
   document.getElementById("video").src = window.URL.createObjectURL(stream);

3. Evaluation API

Although we have the eval() function, it is know to be insecure and “eval can be evil”. This new API would let you provide a new context to replace the window context, and could only connect with the host page using window.postMessage().


var script = new Evaluation();
var cat = "meow";
var context = {dog: "woof"};
script.setCode(function (data){
   dog; // Returns "woof"
   cat; // Returns undefined because it is in wrong context
   data; // Returns "hello world"
   return "Dogs say " + dog;
   });"hello world");// Returns "Dogs say woof"

That’s all for now. I’ll post more if I have more ideas.

Written on December 9, 2017

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