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For Christmas, I was able to renew my 1and1 subscription so I can now continue using server languages!! Yay! I won’t stop using Github Pages, I like it for blogs, and project sites, but I also want to do some stuff with servers. But I’m trying to decide what language(s) to use.

Here are the languages I will compare:

  • PHP
  • Python (no add-ons)
  • Python (Django)
  • Node.js

Here are the things I am looking at:

  • Price
  • Simplicity of returning “Hello world”
  • Simplicity of returning the current minute


I used the lowest possible price.

- PHP Python Python (Django) Node.js
First Year $11.88 $11.88 $11.88 (Install on python server) $119.88
Other years $95.88 $95.88 $95.88 (Install on python server) $119.88

Best options if you are pricy

PHP or Python. Why not Django? It requires extra installation, at it’s lowest price, requires high price for pre-installation.

Simplicity of returning “Hello world”

|-|PHP|Python|Python (Django)|Node.js| |—|—|—|—|—| |Code|<p>Hello world!</p>|print("Hello world!");|from django.http import HttpResponse [line break] def index(request): [line break] return HttpResponse("Hello world!")|var http = require("http");http.createServer(function(reqst, resp) {resp.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});resp.end('Hello World!')}).listen(3000); |Code Length|19|22|92|160|

Best options for simplicity of text

PHP or Python by far!

Simplicity of returning minute

Note: Django is completly losing, and I have absolutly no django experience, so it will not be included in this step.

- PHP Python Node.js
Code <?php echo date("l");> import datetime [line break] now = [line break] print now.minute var http = require("http");http.createServer(function(reqst, resp) {resp.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});var date = new date();resp.end(date.getMinutes())}).listen(3000);
Code length 22 62 185

Best option for simplicity of function

PHP wins this time!


PHP wins! And I already know how to code some PHP so I won’t have to learn!

Written on December 26, 2017

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