Collaborating on an Open Source Project

I consider myself an introvert, and I’ve never been big on collaboration. But recently, I’ve worked on several open source projects online, WITH PEOPLE I’VE NEVER EVEN MET IN PERSON!!!! This sounds crazy, but it’s actually fun!

Scratch 3.0

One of the main ones is Scratch 3.0, on Github as llk/scratch-gui. I’ve use Scratch for almost three years, and I’m really excited about a new version. I’ve mostly just written issues and commented on other people’s issues. It’s been great. Recently, I finally figured out what a pull request is. So now, I have opened several pull requests and one got merged! Now I’ve really contributed!


After working on Scratch 3.0, I realized that I wanted a developing community on the issues. So I asked @amazingmech2418 about making something in this really long comment thread. We agreed on making a programming language/JS library called UltraLang. It has now grown to 4 collaborators and is really fun. Feel free to open an issue on UltraLang/UltraLang or UltraLang/UltraLangScript.

Written on February 24, 2018

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